Specialty Services

Dr. Motayar: 

  • Older Adult Treatment and Evaluation  
  • Stroke & Brain Injury Recovery 
  • Corporate Wellness programs 
  • Relaxation Training 
  • Biofeedback 
  • Pain Management

Dr. Zakerani

  • Pediatric Neuropsychology 
  • Support for Complex Medical Disorders
  • Child & Adolescent Treatment
  • Behavior Management
  • Parent & School Consultation 
  • Stroke & Brain Injury Recovery 

Who We Are


Flex the Mind Consulting was developed in 2013 when Dr. Motayar and Dr. Zakerani joined efforts to create a space where clients of all ages can receive personalized, unique, and collaborative care. Interventions to regain wellness and maintain health incorporate a variety of modalities to include: supportive individual, family, and group psychotherapy, neuropsychological evaluations, biofeedback, and creative healing approaches (movement, music, and laughter therapies). Drs. Motayar and Zakerani work with clients to develop an approach that meets your needs; services are aimed to be relaxing, energizing, and inspirational. In addition to expertise in general psychology, Both professionals have practiced in physical medicine and rehabilitation departments, and as a result have a strong understanding of neuropsychology, neurological disorders (stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury), and medical conditions. Please feel free to contact Dr. Motayar or Dr. Zakerani to determine whether we can be a match for you!

As a result of strong relationships with the south bay community, Drs. Motayar and Zakerani can provide referrals to community providers for additional beneficial services to include: medication management, and occupational, speech, and physical therapy.

Where the Mind Matters